5 questions - Jon Lerch

5 questions - Jon Lerch

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Publié le janv. 29, 2018
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Jon Lerch, our new creative lead, reveals more about him in our famous “5 questions” quiz.

Question 1 — The last mobile application you downloaded, and why?

I downloaded the McCord Museum companion app to get a better experience when touring their exhibit. It was incredibly helpful!

Question 2 — A book that had an impact/influence on your work?

Richard Branson—Screw it, let’s do it.

Question 3 — Your work philosophy?

My work philosophy is — Keep it simple stupid (or the KISS rule).
No need to complicate your process. Keep it efficient and you will be effective.

Question 4 — A new trend on which one should keep an eye on?
Timeless design — more and more people get too wrapped up in what is trendy. I think a solid mix of timeless design and on-trend design paired with keeping the client’s needs in mind is a recipe for a successful project. I also refer back to keeping things simple as I often say — simplicity sells. Don’t overcomplicate the clients’ message by introducing too many “things” or added elements. Anything created should only make the client’s message shine and help push it to the right people as well as new markets.

Question 5 — Favourite restaurant in Montreal?

Le Bon Vivant — Amazing staff, terrific food, awesome atmosphere!

Bonus Question — What should we know about you?

I love vintage packaging design as well as type design. Also — as someone who enjoys a good cold beer every once in a while, one of my goals is to help develop a label design or branding for a beer company. Lastly, if you ever enjoyed a breakfast at Allo Mon Coco, that was one of my first design jobs for a small studio agency based in Saint-Henri. One of the greatest feelings I could have as a designer is seeing the work I’ve created being enjoyed by so many people. This falls in line with the idea of branding or designing a label for a beer company.


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