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For us, technology is only a differentiator in the hands of those who put people first.

For us, technology is only a differentiator in the hands of those who put people first.

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About us

A core team dedicated to digital, operating in an ecosystem of 250 professionals

Born in 2001; reborn in 2017

More than 1,200 web-related projects to date

More than 80 customers in 5 major industries

Approximately 1,000 marketing assets produced monthly


eBay Canada and Latin America

Andrea Stairs, General Manager

«The U92 team was able to adapt their production capacity to our ever-changing needs – a huge help given shifting market demands.»

Fondation Marie-Vincent

Marie-Hélène Juneau

«Thanks to their U-Giv product, U92 enabled us to raise funds with ease. Plus, their expertise in online platforms and digital inbound strategies helped us to take our cause further.»

Éditions La Presse

Laurent Renaud

«Thanks to their eCommerce expertise, U92 managed to unravel one of our biggest internal challenges without ever losing sight of the return on investment.»


Pierre Bérubé, CEO

«U92 is a remarkable Digital and Creative Agency. They have delivered quality work in a highly regulated industry and were able to adapt to our business reality and meet our deadlines.»


Isabelle Meplon

«The partnership between U92 and IÖGO goes all the way back to the launch of our brand. They have always been a strategic and responsive ally in our digital tactics and platforms.»

Objectif Monde - Voyage à Rabais

Sylvie Myre

«Collaborating with U92 and business partners helped us plan both the short and long term vision of our eCommerce product.»
Need something?We’re all ears.

Need something?
We’re all ears.

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