Human After All

Our story

Our story

We are a core team operating in an ecosystem of 250 professionals.

Our roster includes digital strategists, UX and UI designers, online campaign managers, programmers and analysts.

We all work closely together, both internally and with customers, to create useful, cost-effective products with purpose.

Real Talk. Real Change. Real Time.

Real Talk. Real Change. Real Time.

Gimmicks? We don’t need no stinkin’ gimmicks.
We stay tuned into all the latest trends and gadgets because they’re a huge source of inspiration for us, but we’re wary of hype. We care more about the tools that will genuinely grow your business, no matter how hot they are.

A core team dedicated to digital, operating in an ecosystem of 250 professionals

Born in 2001; reborn in 2017

More than 1,200 web-related projects to date

More than 80 customers in 5 major industries

Approximately 1,000 marketing assets produced monthly

The directors
Part of the Humanise Collective

U92 is part of Humanise, a collective of 8 independent businesses who have decided that it’s time to lead the Age of the Human.

Alice & Smith
Youville Haussmann Park
We’re looking for bright mindswith brighter personalities

We’re looking for bright minds
with brighter personalities

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