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Our friends at Fieldtrip needed to get their name out there with an ambitious site that showcased their creative talents and brand identity. No problem for us... Challenge accepted!


Strategy / UX / UI / Web Development / Motion Design

Visit the site!

The challenge was to design a surprising and original site that delivers an optimized video experience.

Passionate storytellers

Fieldtrip is an audiovisual production agency and part of the Humanise Collective. Their camera pros create original and impactful content. In the field as well as in the production studio, the agency is always keen to raise the narrative and visual potential of brands. We love them, and soon you will too!

Bringing Fieldtrip to light

They love a challenge. And so do we! We\'ve helped them take their place on the web by crafting a site that reflects their identity, the scope of their talents and impresses those who visit.

1. Just like at the movies!

The web experience is optimized for showcasing videos. On the agenda: highly scalable visuals and minimalist navigation. We developed a movement triggered interaction at the top of the page as an immersive experience and to peak curiosity!

2. Adapted to all screens

To give the videos the space they deserve, we thought big by bringing the big screen to small ones. The site is fully responsive in order to keep visitors engaged, no matter how they view the content.

3. Technological challenge

The comfort zone? Not for us! This project was an opportunity to push the boundaries and hone our skills using REACT to create a captivating, unique website.

So… like what you’re seeing?

Let’s get to work!Let’s get to work!Let’s get to work!Let’s get to work!