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With the Jeunes en Tête Foundation, we are committed to providing an accessible, inclusive and original digital environment to protect the mental health of teens. Because it feels good to do good!

Jeunes en Tête Foundation

Strategy and UX / Branding / UI / Web development

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The Foundation knew the solution to reaching a younger audience was online.

Communication is key to starting the conversation

The Foundation’s mission is to help prevent psychological distress in youth aged 11 to 18. When it comes to mental health, we know that the earlier young people are made aware of mental health issues, the better their chances of receiving appropriate care. In the past they had relied heavily on in-school initiatives to reach their audience, but they knew the solution to reaching more teens was online.

To each their site

The objectives were defined by the needs of the youth, the adults around them and with teachers and corporate donors in mind. We developed a new brand image to better connect with teens and created content kits that allow everyone to take ownership and use it both in print and on social media.

A web-first rebrand with a purpose

This story shows how we can accompany clients through the reinvention of their brand via a website redesign mandate, balancing conversion and education goals while allowing their small but dedicated marketing team to work smarter.

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